(IL License # 249.000460)

Protective Services Group, Inc is a licensed fingerprint agency within the State of Illinois, conducting both “LiveScan” (electronic) and “ink rolled” prints.


LiveScan: Please see the list below identifying the fingerprint services currently available through PSGI. If you do not see your requirement listed, please call PSGI at (618) 310-1500 and inquire if your needs can be met. We likely can add your requirement via the Illinois State Police. This process normally takes between 24 – 48 hours.

Printing services available for:
  • Childcare license

  • Children, family and adoption services

  • Registered professional nurse

  • Firearms concealed carry (Individual)

  • Private Security Contractor

  • Private Detective

  • Locksmith

  • Security Guards

  • LiveScan Fingerprint Vendor

  • Early Intervention Services

  • Local Government Employees

  • Medical School Matriculants

  • Healthcare Worker Background Check Act

  • Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Private Alarm Contractor

  • Healthcare inquiries 

  • Private Adoption Applicants

  • Health Care Worker

  • Concealed Carry Instructor

  • Medical Marijuana 

  • Firefighters

  • Massage Therapist

  • Private/Public School Matriculants

  • Health Care-Nursing Home Resident Check

Persons recommended for ink rolled fingerprints:


International Travelers: All international travelers (business or recreational travelers) should

consider developing a Personal Protection Portfolio (P3). Along with other essential

documents and a recent personal photo, should be a recent (within the past 5 years) set of

legible, ink rolled fingerprints.



School Volunteers: PSGI recommends all school volunteers as part of their background check

be fingerprinted on a voluntary basis. The completed fingerprint cards with all relevant

identifying data for the volunteer is retained by the individual school volunteer coordinator to

be used as the school deems necessary during the background check process.



Family members: PSGI recommends all families consider developing Personal Protection

Portfolios for each family member which would include a full set of ink rolled fingerprints.

The Personal Protection Portfolio (P3) should be maintained by the parents in a secure

location accessible to caregivers in the case of emergencies.


Others recommended for Personal Protection Portfolio’s (P3)


Remote adventure hiking/camping groups, clubs or individuals.


Printing Locations/Office Hours: Our office or yours? PSGI’s primary printing office is located in

Belleville, Illinois. Individual printing appointments are conducted here; however, PSGI is capable of

“remote service” for groups of 10 or more requiring LiveScan support.


Office Hours: 9:00AM – 4:00PM, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)


Appointments are necessary to ensure a fingerprint technician is available to promptly

assist you.


What you need to bring:


  • Government issued identification card

  • Cash, Check or money order for $60.00