Hurst Investigation Services, Inc

(IL License #117.001248)

Hurst Investigation Services, Inc. (HISI) was established and licensed in the state of Illinois in 1996. Our investigative charter, as outlined by President Durwood Q. Hurst and Vice President Cynthia A. Rolfingsmeier, is to provide “First Class,” unbiased investigative support to our clients. Clients are provided with an initial intake interview at no charge. This interview provides valuable insight into what can be done from a private investigative perspective and how the case is expected to proceed. HISI does not control the outcome of any investigation, however; we guarantee an impartial, methodical, fact based investigation. All services will remain in compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction where the investigative activities occurs.


HISI is licensed in Missouri and Illinois, and may conduct follow-up investigations throughout the United States.