Emergency Planning

Planning for emergencies is critical to your businesses continued operations during periods of crisis, as well as your family's safety and peace of mind!  To enhance your businesses operations during crisis periods, business continuity planning for issues ranging from environmental risks such as inclement weather (rain, snow and tornadoes), or the aftermath of flooding, to the extremes of work-place violence, terrorism response, or distributed denial of service (DDOS) technology attacks, emergency action plans must be in place!  PSGI has the expertise to help you review and enhance your current plans, or aid your company in the development of a complete emergency management plan.

PSGI's Emergency Management Process:


Preparedness – the pre-planning that occurs in anticipation of an emergency.


Response – begins the execution of the plans and allocations of resources identified in the preparedness phase.


Recovery – restoring services and site restoration with short and long terms goals.


Mitigation – activities that help reduce losses from the on-going effects of an emergency.


PSGI is here and ready to help any business or organization prepare for all emergencies, whether it is a natural disaster or man-made event.


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